Friday, May 2, 2008

57 quarts of spaghetti sauce

For whatever reason, I don't get a lot of posted comments to my blog entries. That doesn't mean I don't get comments, though.
The post on feeding Kat her first lasagna has generated the most discussion. It has been split into two conversations.
First, feeding small children pasta. The consensus is that it is messy and fun.
Second, isn't 57 quarts an awful lot of sauce?
Yes. Yes it is. Some of it has been gifted but most of it has stayed home to be consumed. If you had the opportunity to see our garden you would understand that 57 quarts is reasonable when you consider that we had 50 (FIFTY) tomato plants that year. Not all the same variety of tomato, tho. That would be excessive.
And by the way, for my Canadian readers (especially Denguy) the Canadian word for quart is LITRE. I hope that clears up any confusion. And if you find yourself in the neighborhood, we will be happy to invite you in for lasagna or spaghetti. And send a litre home with you.

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loren said...

Have you ever seen Super Troopers?

"Litre-a-cola, litre-a-cola, does anyone know if we sell litre-a-cola?"
"Just order a Coke, Farva."
"I don't WANT a goddamned Coke Farva, I want a litre o' cola!"

If you've never seen the movie, you'll be completely lost.