Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life is really good. But I need baby bug screen

I am this close to hating either Microsoft or InternetExplorer. I cannot make up my mind which it is. I think I will buy an Apple. Become part of the rebel alliance. Me, Luke, Princess Leia, Chewbacca. Use the force for good. Emperor Gates will have to adjust.

I took Kat fishing with me last weekend. We went down to the pond to try and catch a ‘gill. No luck. But I did catch and kill a mosquito. Which made me think. What is the best bug repellant for little people? Kat lives in the sticks with Wife and I. She will be exposed to biting bugs as she digs for worms and grubs in the garden and gnaws on the tails of fish that I catch. So I need a bug repellant for children. West Nile was confirmed in Jones County last year. And as much as I want to lock her in the house until she is 17, I think it will be prudent to get some protection. I already have sunscreen. But what about bugscreen?

This has been a wonderful evening. Wife and I carpooled home. And for a change, she picked up the Kat after dropping me at Zoey’s Pizza. I went in and ordered while she picked up Kat and waited for them to return. She got their a minute before the pizza arrived. We fed ourselves and her at the same time. She was SO interested in everyone else at the shop. It was hard to get food into her mouth. She just had to see everyone. And by the time we got home, she was exhausted.
Carpooling is a good thing. It really cuts down on our fuel consumption. I have found that there are 15 people that live within 1 mile of us that work for the same company. None of them carpool except Wife and I. What will they do when gas hits $4.50/gal?
Work is going well. I had a surprise interview today. When all else fails, be honest and be yourself. While I really want the job and the challenge that will come with it I won’t cry if I don’t get it. I will just look for a different one. There are lots of opportunities out there for someone willing to work hard and keep a positive attitude.
Great supper, great family, work is going well. Knock, knock, knock on wood that I don’t get any surprises.


Jenny said...

Try this:


loren said...

I heard that skin-so-soft is good. I haven't needed to use it on the girls yet since I'm a hermit who doesn't ever take my children outside because I'm always in pajamas.

Anonymous said...

Is your "baby backpack" a Kelty? The Kelty carrier I had for Arianna and Isabella had a mosquito net accessory.


loren said...

Or you could recycle a Target shopping bag and poke a bunch of small holes in it, then wrap it around her face! I'm a genius!

I just thought I'd tell you that I gave you some shout-out love on my site for Pay It Forward Friday. And yes, I know that it's officially Saturday. I'm on Californiowa time.

K'man said...

Loren, you are a nut.
Scott, yes it is a Kelty. I didn't know they made a netting for it.