Monday, May 5, 2008

under the weather - again!

I don't know if this is because of the late spring, the kids at daycare, the kids at work, but here I am again, feeling awful.
I have had a sinus infection since about 2 April, but no real sinus problems. Then Kat gets all kinds of sinus problems last week. Saturday night, I woke up not able to breathe due to my sinuses packing in with what felt like expanding foam. This resulted in my sleeping for 18 hours on Sunday. Kat and I slept so soundly on Sunday that Jill got bored with trying to stay quiet that she left and went shopping. And made it back home before either of us woke up.
Now it is Monday and I still feel awful. Better than yesterday, tho.
With any luck, I will be back to normal tonight and can get on with my life.


Brenton said...

Take two quarts of spaghetti sauce and call me in the morning......

loren said...

my fantasy is to leave the house without telling anyone and getting back hours later before anyone notices I'm gone... are you mocking me?

It sucks that everyone's getting sick again. We were healthy all winter, and then spring hit - WHAM! Sick. Sick. Sick. Sicksicksick.

K'man said...

Very funny Brenton, I thought you southern Canadians down in Boise called them litres as well.

And Loren, I am not mocking you, JILL is mocking you. I was shocked that she was able to sneak away!