Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Ramblin'

I had an interview yesterday. A different position within the same company. I think the interview went pretty well. I totally feel like I was just myself throughout the whole thing. No front, no posturing, no trying to figure out what she wanted to hear and saying that. I did prepare and got helpful suggestions from balcony people that I really respect. But I feel like the interview was more of a two hour conversation about my work history, attitude, philosophy, and ideas rather than a question and answer session waiting to trick me into disqualifying myself.
Now I wonder, is this a reflection of how well I prepared and how comfortable/confident I am with myself OR is this a compliment to how good the interviewer is.
I wore a suit to work. Second time in two weeks. I got a lot of "got an interview today?" or "which position are you interviewing for?" questions. I quickly decided to have fun with people. My common responses yesterday were, "no, I have sentencing at the courthouse this afternoon." or "no, I am getting ordained tonight at 6pm." I also tried a couple of "I was a character witness at a friends parole hearing, today."
The suit I wore both times has a long history with me. I bought it back in 1988 in Cedar Falls, IA when I was fortunate to get an interview with Hormel in Austin, MN. I wore it perhaps a dozen times over the next 3 years for different interviews after college. I didn't wear it again until I went to work for the Principal as a Financial Planner. For that job I wore a suit 4 days a week. I remember I had to have it let out and it barely fit O.K. After I left that job I don't think I have worn a suit since 'til just last week. And it still fits. Altho I walked into the interview knowing that I had pulled apart a seam in the seat of the trousers and hoping that the lady wouldn't notice. (How is that for composure)
Baby is awake, gotta run. I will post pictures later this weekend. And talk about the hobby that Wife talked me into.


Anonymous said...

When I am in uniform and people ask me "Are you working", I usually respond with "no, my wife enjoys playing a little 'Good Cop, Bad Cop' if you know what I mean".


Jenny said...

Hey Kev! If you're interviewing in a suit that you bought in a different decade - it's time to buy a new suit! (In 1988 I was in 8th grade, and convinced I was going to marry Peter Cetera!) Hope it went well! I would definitely like to have you as my co-hort!

loren said...

Oh yeah, Jenny? I was 7-8 years old back then. I hadn't even read my first Tiger Beat.

I can't believe you don't wear suits that often! When I worked at the store, I tried to wear a suit at least three days a week.