Wednesday, August 27, 2008

time with Kat, morning and night

Working on the neighbors farm, baling was canceled because it might rain before we got the bales put away, so I got to stay home and make fuel.
More importantly, this means I got to spend the evening with KAT!
When I woke her up this morning she didn't seem to want to be disturbed. This is how I found her, with her head under the covers. I said her name three times and shook her sippy cup full of warm milk. No response. She looked so cute that I went and got the camera, took pictures, then pulled the covers from over her head which woke her up and earned a glaring look to kill. Fortunately, she isn't full grown and doesn't have her full powers so I didn't die, but merely flinched.

Tonight for supper was a bit of this and that, served with something else to round it all off. What we call Leftovers. She dug right in and ate and ate. She had some beef, then soup and crackers, then put the beef in her applesauce and picked up her applesauce bowl and proceeded to stick her face in it and slurp it up with her tongue (note to self, don't let Kat watch dog eat supper). She then put her face down to her plate of meat and gravy and stirred it all up with her nose and chin. All the while she is eating bits of this and that. She ate most of the meat, most of the soup and all of the applesauce as well as most of her milk.

When Wife came back into the room and saw the mess, she promptly took Kat off to the bath, asking why I hadn't been supervising the meal. This, after a discussion on letting Kat feed herself more! I cannot win.

After Wife got Kat cleaned up and the dog got to clean Kat's tray, I sat in Kat's room, surrounded by toys and read different books to her. Goodnight Moon and Barnyard Dance, Where is my Bellybutton and the firefly book. Then we played with the pinwheel and the fan. Then she used me as a pliant Mt Rushmore and climbed up my lap, up my chest, and used my hair to pull her up over my face to try and see out the window behind me. She ended up perched on my shoulder like a bird. Which is really silly 'cause she is a Kat.

All in all a wonderful evening spent with her. I was able to entertain her enough that she didn't go searching for mommy more than once. Well, maybe it was two or four times. Really, we had fun and I am glad that I got to be home to enjoy it. Even if it was messy.


loren said...

In Jill's defense, that did look like quite the mess! That's why my kids didn't get to feed themselves until they were older than *most* children. I just didn't want to give baths every day!

Glad you got to spend some time with your peanut tonight!

The Microblogologist said...

Even covered in food she is adorable, I love the pic that she is looking at the camera with a smile and you can see those gorgeous eyes! Niecey was a very messy eater as well, still is sometimes. Thankfully her nudity phase (that lasted several years) had the benefit of not getting her clothes all dirty!

Kimmguru said...

Cat is so adorable! She seems to be near the same age as GG. I'm looking forward to reading more post from you. Well written with a sense of humor....just my style!

Mom2boys said...

You have a beautiful baby girl. And yes, they do grow too fast. Our oldest is 22, there are ten years between our boys. We will never suffer from the empty nest syndrome. I came to your site thru a comment left on Suburban Turmoil. Thanks for responding back :)