Saturday, August 16, 2008

scene of the (messy) crime

In the first two pictures, she is discovered and tries to make her escape from the crime scene.

Once she is apprehended, Wife holds her up for her mug shot.
Then we have the mess that she has been crawling around in.
Thank goodness she couldn't get the maple or chocolate syrup open.


dietrich509 said...

I would describe this evidence as "circumstantial". Do you have fingerprints? DNA? Isn't it possible that this poor innocent child discovered the culprit committing the crime and during the ensuing struggle became messy and after the offender fled the scene you observed her merely trying to recover the broken pieces of her life, shattered by this horrific event? Isn't she really the victim here?

K'man said...

No. No she is not the victim in this situation. She was observed in the act by her mother. And her mother is as close to an reputable person as we will find in this household.
She did the crime, she does the time.

Jenny said...

And this is how the chocolate addiction starts!

loren said...

Maybe she was trying to bake you a cake - a maple syrup and chocolate cake. Mmmmm... I don't like chocolate, but if I did, I'd LOVE a maple syrup cake!

The Microblogologist said...

There was a similar scene in my kitchen when my 5 year old niece decided that she wanted chocolate powder in her milk after she finished the cereal. So the bad news is they still get into stuff at 5, the good news is that she wasn't a complete mess afterwards.

Chocolate powder incident aside, she got her breakfast all by herself without waking up my dad nor myself. This involved getting a bowl (this involved climbing), spoon, getting milk from the fridge, into the bowl and back in the fridge and getting one of the little boxes of cereal I bought her. She did all that without making a mess!