Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My stacking deficit

If you have been following the insane choices I have made, you know that I have two horses. Horses eat hay. So I made a deal with the farmer up the road from MIL farm for hay. Basically, I would help him bale it and stack it then take it to MIL barn and stack it in the bar, then pay him what his asking price is for hay. Sounds like quite the deal. But wait, there's MORE!
It turns out that baling hay and stacking it is not only educational but an intense whole body workout! And like any gym, I am paying him for the privilege of this whole body workout! Such a deal!
But one thing that became obvious as I was stacking the hay in the barn. Actually, many things were obvious if you looked at my red face and listened to be gasping for air in a dust and hay filled barn, namely I am in horrible physical shape. But while I was putting the hay away, with MIL help, it became obvious that I neglected LEGO studies when I was young. How did this become obvious? Because I cannot stock bales of hay in such a manner that I can climb them without having them teeter precariously, threatening to spill ME on the ground. Of course, I can stack them. I mean, I am not a complete idiot. But what I ended up with was three rows of stacked bales that weren't connected. so when you stepped on the first row, it pulled away from the second row. When I managed to climb to the top of a pile, I needed to hold on to the rafters to keep the pile in place. By the end of 104 bales, I was really ready to call it a night.
fortunately, I get to go down this morning and stack another 104 bales.
And I pay him for the exersize.


dietrich509 said...

If you want to pay me, I'll let you do some work on my roof.

loren said...

Ha, dietrich, that's funny!!!

Kevin, you are such a girl sometimes... do you need me to come over and stack some bales for you?

Brenton said...

Are you saying that the 208th bale is the last straw?

K'man said...

No Loren, I don't need you to bale for me. However, if you want to help Dietrich with his roof, we can have a sort of twisted 3-way - except I won't be up there.