Monday, November 30, 2009

An open response to how I got my deer, Bow or Truck

Thanks for asking.
No, it wasn't with either of those tried and true methods of taking a deer. Seriously, once you have totalled a truck or had to chase a dumb butt deer 200 yards after you stick him with an arrow, you have no desire to do it again anytime soon.
No, with this deer I decided to try something different.
I took out the quad runner at my MIL's farm and raced past all the likely buck hang outs. You know, like the Co Ed Doe Ranch, or the Buck Bar. Lucky me, while racing past a remaining stand of corn, this nice 8 point busted out.
I pointed the quad in his direction, raced up beside him, jumped on his back like I was wrasslin' a steer and grabbed his horns (antlers) and brought him down.
I wish you could have seen it, you would have been amazed.
Frankly I wish anyone could have seen it, now you just have to take my word for it.
Kevin (Daniel Boone)


dietrich509 said...

Just like I taught you.

Brenton said...

I still prefer a phillips screwdriver myself.....

dietrich509 said...

Overall though, a better plan than ramming them with a motorcycle. Which was his previous MO.

dietrich509 said...

Did you get it in season? Or relatively close to it?

dietrich509 said...

Made chili last night with the deer burger. Tasted fantastic!