Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Christmas morning found the boy waking up early. Around 6am. Fortunately, Mom and Fran were here and took him down to the basement where they played with him until Kat woke up.
When Kat woke up she was SO excited! The presents that everyone told her would be there were all piled under the tree. She ran around the house and jumped up and down and clapped her hands, she was so excited.
Jill decreed the that there would be no opening of gifts until breakfast was eaten and the table was cleared. This made NO sense to Kat. She was EXCITED about the presents!
Before to long, breakfast was eaten and the dishes cleared. We made sure that the cameras had fresh batteries and told Kat to open a present. It turns out she didn’t really know what she was going to DO with the presents, she was just excited they were there. She would pick one up and run around the room and hand it to someone, then pick up another one and jump up and down with it. Kat was all wound up and it turns out, she didn’t really know why.
Kyle on the other hand, was excited because Kat was excited. He kept watching her and wanting to crawl over to where she was.
We finally helped Kat open her first gift. Then we got it out of the package and let her play with it. She was perfectly happy to play with the one gift. She pretty much forgot about the rest of them under the tree. Here we had spent 20 minutes on her first gift and at this rate, it would be around 5pm before we got through all of them. So we took that one away and handed her another package. Pawpaw had to help her open it. Then she was excited again! Another toy! And she had to play with this one, too.
Kyle had no clue. We would unwrap something and put it in front of him. He would ignore it so he could watch his sister. He worked harder at crawling to wherever she was to try and get a better look at what she was doing than playing with his own gifts. With one exception. Kyle got an inch worm that played different tunes. I haven’t mentioned it before but Kyle is enthralled with music. This inch worm was no different. He sat on the floor and pushed the button over and over to hear the tunes.
Through the course of the morning, we finally got Kat to figure out the idea of OPENING the packages we handed her. Then it turned into, she wanted to open EVERY package under the tree. We tried to stop that runaway train but had to hide the rest of the presents to get Kat to stop opening all of them.
All in all, we had a very good time playing with the kids and watching them wind up higher than a kite.

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