Saturday, December 26, 2009

Best Christmas Present ever fragments

I am sitting at the table with my boy in my lap, wiggling, watching it snow like a snow globe over the pond and woods and taking in the scent of my son's hair and there isn't a better experience in the world.

Kyle's first words don't appear to be Mama or Dada, but rather, UhOh. I think his sister taught him to say it. He will push his bottle off the high chair and after he hears it hit the floor, he says "UhOh" very clearly.

Kat has a blankey. It is HER blankey. This afternoon when taking her nap, Kat took off her diaper. Then she wet the bed. Except she had swaddled herself with blankey. So it is disgusting. Really disgusting. But she has a tantrum when we try to take it away and wash it, which it desperately needs.

We took the kids sledding this afternoon. Jill and I had very different approaches. She had a long toboggan and put Kat in front, climbed in the back and wheee! down the hill the raced. I had Kyle in his own little sled and pulled him down the hill. After about three minutes, he started crying. He cried and cried until he howled. I don't know if it was the cold sleigh or the cold air or the ride, but he was one unhappy little dude. So I brought him back in and we watched Kat and Jill go down the hill, over and over again. The boy seems to like a warm fire in the house.

Kat got a computer for Christmas. We hooked it up to the TV to see how she would like playing with it. She has zero interest in it so far. The toy she plays with the most is her brother's noise making merry go round. Between her bedroom and the living room, we look like we have about seven kids if you count all the toys.

Supper tonight consisted of salmon cooked on a cedar plank. It was very good. Kudos to the wife for thinking it up and getting the cedar to cook on.

It is bedtime for the Kat and she is taking this opportunity to jump up and down around the house. In and out of her bedroom and into the kitchen and back, she is like a tigger with the bounce, bounce, bounce.

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Friday Fragments?


Trish said...

I am so glad you are having time to enjoy family. Give them time, they will figure out the toys.

Mrs4444 said...

K'Man~!!! So happy to hear from you :)

Your post paints a very sweet picture of your life; it's the simple things that mean the most, no?

I can actually remember the smell of the blanket I sniffed while sucking my fingers in bed. The blanket smelled badly, but in a good way. Sick.

mum08 said...

Hi, That sounds great. You sould come to my blog or Mums group and leave some of your thoughts.

Sabrina said...

You visited my blog, so I thought I'd return the favor. My kids got a computer about 6 months ago. At first they didn't care, but my son's teacher sent us some links they both enjoy. My 5 yr old and 3 yr old both love playing the games here: and here: There is also a matching game they like it's called popcorn something, it's a uppercase/lowercase matching game.