Sunday, November 8, 2009

life goal? nope, day goals

Today, I swear I am going to get the garage organized and cleaned to the point that wifey can park her car in the garage.
Which, on the one hand will earn me brownie points with wifey. And how I need them!
On the other hand, what a wast of a beautiful 70* day in November Iowa!


surprised mom said...

Earn those points! The Mister is earning points with me by cutting the front and back lawns, one last time, before the cold comes back. Ah, it's 70 degrees here, too, The windows are open, I'm smiling, the house is getting cleaned. What could be better? Sometimes day goals are as important as life goals, especially when you make the wifey smile!

dietrich509 said...

Your life goal isn't to bring happiness to those you love?

Marie said...

Good for you!

Unknown said...

Hey. Check out my profile. I just want ONE person to read it.