Friday, November 27, 2009


Yesterday was Thanksgiving. It was an outstanding day. I was with the family and the Outlaws all day. A lot of laughter, a happy announcement (May 5th, if I heard it right), no fighting amongst adults, no crisis longer than 3 minutes amongst kids.
Home safely with no incidents, accidents, or tickets, (special thanks to officer friendly for driving 55 for the entire width of 2 lane Hwy 30- must have been 50 cars stacked until it became 4 lane).
Wife made a joke (I thought) about waking up at 0'Dark30 to hit some BF sales.
I woke up at 5am to find her gone. After checking the house I finally texted her, "hope you are safe, call me when it is convenient". She called a moment later from Best Buy. "I didn't get the computer and I don't know what else I would want from here. Going to Sears next then ToysRUs."
Holey Cow!
We have been dating since '90, known each other since '88 and she has NEVER shown an interest in being part of the insanity! Who says people don't change?
She can never again say she doesn't understand why I wake up at 330 to go hunting on opening day. At least my doing that makes sense!

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surprised mom said...

I don't do BF, I have enough insanity in my life. I'd rather get up at 3:30 a.m. to go hunting than shop on BF. And I don't hunt. You're Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. Mine was too. Laughter, wine and good food are always good together.