Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Waking up CRANKY

Lets see... wouldn't eat supper and got to bed late last night.
This morning was LOADS of fun.
Daycare says the little girl ate two bowls of macaroni at lunch.
Thank goodness she eats there, she ate only the green beans from her supper and wanted down.
wash, rinse, repeat.


surprised mom said...

I feel sorry for the little girl. When I go to bed late and get woken up early, I get cranky, too. She sounds like a pistol.

Jenny said...

Have you tried just letting her walk around and eat? Seriously... 2 years old are WAY to busy to sit down (I've found out). We usually go through about 2 boxes of Kashi Cereal Bars around here in a week. I will just give Connor a cereal bar for breakfast (30 seconds after he wakes up), and he will walk around and eat it. Then he's happy, and we didn't have to fight him into a chair! We do this at night sometimes too.