Tuesday, May 19, 2009

family night

Last night was GREAT! I got home a few minutes after Jill and found the family seated on the front porch having a picnic of chicken and baked beans.
"DADDY!" Greeted me as I got out of the truck.
We all had supper on the porch in an absolutely beautiful evening. Kat of course likes the food off of my plate better than her plate... And, of course, Mommy has the best food on her plate... So she had to hop and shuffle between the two of us to steal our food... Cause food tastes better off of someone else's plate. (Jill did this to me ALL THE TIME when we were dating)
Jill took Kat to the garden after dinner to play in the dirt. They stayed out there for nearly an hour while I bonded with the boy on the porch. He snoozed for a while on my chest, then he drank half a bottle, and snoozed some more. He woke up after a few minutes to spew into my shirt pocket. Amazing how much that will hold.
Jill came back in around 7 to give Kat a bath. I brought puker inside and we watched antique roadshow together.
We got Kat down to bed just before 8 and then Jill and I put Kyle to bed. Once he was down we looked at each other with that special look of lust that parents of children under two often share...
"I want... sleep!" we said at the same time.
So we were sleeping snuggled together by 830. And I slept til 330 without waking up more than 3 times.


Mrs4444 said...

This sounds like a perfect night. (Well, except for the puking in the pocket part, LOL!) You are blessed.

Thanks so much for your sweet, sweet comment today; it means a lot. :)

surprised mom said...

Perfect family nights come along so rarely. I'm glad you got to experience this one. You sound so mellow that it seems even the puking in the pocket didn't really faze you. If I were a painter, I would to try to capture this night on canvas.