Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Fun

I have a feeling that the daughter is giving her mom and I a glimpse of what this summer is going to be like.
I found myself last night at 820 trying to convince her to eat something before I put her into bed. And she was WAY too tired to eat.
When she got home with Jill yesterday, she hopped out of the car and began to explore the yard, the shed, the water pump, the radio tower, the bushes, the woodpile, the cows next door, the barb wire fence, and on and on and on. We interrupted her activity to bring her in and TRY to feed her - she would have none of it. She howled as we brought her in and wouldn't eat a thing. "Down.... Down... Down!" So we let her loose again in the front yard. Explore the bushes, the trike, the porch, the rocks, the grass, the dandelion...
She didn't stop until we finally brought her inside. I should have just given her a bottle of milk and thrown her in bed. But I tried to get her to eat something. Nope, too tired.
It is going to be fun waking her up this morning.


Jenny said...

Our Little Tikes picnic table has been priceless, for this reason alone. We have lots of "picnics" outside, just because I can't get the boys inside either. It works! And it's fun too!

dietrich509 said...

I have to agree, dining alfresco is the answer.

Also, your phone message leads me to believe either you don't want me to call you or you inadvertantly forgot to leave a number where I could contact you.

surprised mom said...

So I gather you'll be eating a lot outstide during the summer? The outside is so fun to explore especially to a little one, I can't blame her for wanting to stay there. I hope waking her up wasn't too hard this morning.

Mrs4444 said...

Kids go through stages. In a few days, she could be eating you out of house and home! :)