Saturday, April 25, 2009

Help from Bloggerville

I have 3 weeks to come up with t-shirts for eleven great grandchildren (not mine) in honor of my G'Ma's birthday.
We are having a big get together (kegger family reunion) and we want all of the grandkids in shirts in her honor.
Microbloggy was here this weekend (IRL!) and told me about a custom shirt shop but I promptly forgot who it was.
Does anyone have any idea where I can get shirts in short notice with "She's my GREAT gramm!"?
In sizes ranging 12year old to 3 months (mine).


loren said...

I'm of no help when it comes to the t-shirts, but I'm glad you and Karen had a chance to meet! I'm bummed, but I had to stick around to talk to Mikey. If I hadn't, I can gaurantee you he would have pulled a typical Mike maneuver and ruined next weekend for me, all in the name of work and duty. Blech. Boring.

Anyway, I hope she didn't get stuck in the rain! The weather looked terrible your direction.

dietrich509 said...

If I had hours and not days, I would make my own using inkjet printer iron on transfers and blank t-shirts. The quality won't be as good but that's what you get for waiting until the last minute.

The Microblogologist said...

It was so fun getting to meet you and your lovely family! Maybe I'll make it back east again so I can meet Loren too =). The site I mentioned is There are other printing services that will make them but some require a minimum order. Looks like cafe press baby/toddler shirts/onsies cost about $9 each and kid shirts are around $16. Another option is buying iron on printer paper and make your own shirts.

When you set up the free cafepress account and upload a design it lets you choose which products to put the design on and each has a base price and you say how much to add to the base and that is the money you get if they sell whatever it is. People definitely use it as a print service too, it can be a convenient way to let everyone buy their own shirt without having extras and one person footing the bill and needing to deal with who owes what. Cheryl has made like $30 on it, she is finally a professional artist ;). Though I should so get royalties, think the design that sold was from a picture I took, lol! Hope this helps, and thanks again for letting me crash at your place, I was able to get my license and the paperwork to get a new title. I'll send the pics I took of your adorable kiddies when I upload my camera, it looked like I got some really cute shots of you and Kat =).

Trish said...

Thanks to Dietrich509 and Microblogologist for their suggestions of the iron-on variety. After much work on design and the challange of reversing the type (!!!!) I have my shirts.
Many thanks to you both.