Monday, January 19, 2009

Pay Attention to ME

Since Squawker has come home, we have noticed that Kat wants to sit on our laps. Usually when Squawker is already on our lap. And if we are feeding, changing, or just walking and holding Squawker then Kat wants us to do the same for her.

Tonight shortly after Kat came home from daycare, Squawker started crying. At the top of his lungs. Kat, for no apparent reason started the same. Screaming, crying, flopping on the floor - acting all drama queen. Is this a sympathetic reaction? One crying baby deserves support from his big sister? Really - I don't know if I can handle that every time Squawker cries.


dietrich509 said...

Worst day of my life: when my parents brought my brother home from the hospital. Don't give up hope Kat! Maybe the trespasser will leave and you can get back to the way things were.

To add insult to injury, HE was breastfed! I'm not bitter, 38 years later and as you can see, I've moved on.

Jenny said...

Believe me - before long, they will be planning all sorts of stuff together. (Who can rip down the curtains, while the other pours powder on the floor, etc.) My sister and I are 19 months apart - and she is my best friend in the world today. I'm pretty sure it wasn't always like that! =)

loren said...

I bet if you let Kat play "mommy" to Squawker (hold him, feed him with a bottle if Jill's pumping, of course!, push him in the stroller, and rock him) with all eyes on her, maybe she'd feel better about this? She's most likely crying because she knows those things work for her baby brother, why not her? Just make sure to give her lots of attention when she's being good. Good luck with that! :)

PS - The Squawk is SOOOOO cute!

The Microblogologist said...

Hehehe! There is a video of me meeting my youngest sister, they informed me that she was my sister and my 2 year old brain had trouble comprehending this so my reply was, "That's not my sister, THAT'S my sister!" pointing at the middle sister. Cheryl says it all went downhill from there, lol. She is my bestest friend now but I definitely had to wrap the old brain around having TWO sisters, I mean who knew that was even possible! I think Loren's suggestion is great, lavish her with attention for positive behavior and include her as much as possible with her brother's care or just in general. Maybe establish a routine in which she has each of your undivided attention for some time, the 1:1 kid to parent ratio should help.

Both of those kiddies are adorable!

dietrich509 said...

No new posts for a week! I know your all excited with the new baby. How about being the adoring Dad and posting some new pictures of the kids. Also, we need to find a day that Lisa and I can come over, she crocheted a blanket for the new little grub.