Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby's first night at home

Yesterday afternoon we brought the little guy home from the supermarket, er, hospital.
Lucky for us, Mom had Kat so Wife and I could put away stuff and tend to the little guy and get his bedding put together. While Wife did the bedding thing and the putting away stuff, I sat on the couch with Squawker tucked in my arm and alternated between reading mail and studying his face. I have discovered that he scowls. A lot. Seriously, he has wrinkles in his forehead already from scowling. That is OK, this time last week he was warm. Yesterday he was rushed from a 70* hospital through -20* parking lot to get into a car that had been running for an hour to warm it up. I got annoyed with the weather, too.
Just watching his face, I wondered what were we thinking, er, what would his future be like? Will he and his sister fight as much as they can? Will he be healthy and easy like his sister? His first day I found him noisy. I don’t remember Kat yowling that much. And, as he slept in my arms, I discovered he is a noisy sleeper. He sticks his tongue on the roof of his mouth and then breathes through his mouth. It doesn’t quite sound like snoring, more like the snorting of a pig at a trough. It is pretty funny to listen to.
When we finally went to bed at 915, he wanted nothing to do with his bassinet. Or so Wife says. So she brought him to bed and she sat up, holding him. I could see he would get no sleep.
At 1230, after being woke up several times to the lights being turned on while Wife tended Squawker, I told her to hand him to me.
I put him in my armpit, loosely, after swaddling him tightly and listened. He seemed to pass out from the smell, er, calm down and fall to sleep.
It wasn’t long before I fell asleep as well. He is a very warm little bundle of snorts to have snuggled up to.
This was something that I swore I would never do. No kids in my bed to sleep! When it comes to getting everyone to sleep, tho, I made the exception and felt much better for it. It was very nice having him snuggled up to me.


Jenny said...

Kevin - The first two weeks that Connor was home, we slept in the living room, together. I remember with Tyler how disappointed I was when I would have to get out of my warm bed and tend to him because he woke up, again,(unfortunately, that's the attitude I had), so with Connor, we just camped in the living room. He slept either in my arms, or would fall asleep eating, and if I was lucky, I could lay him down in the moses basket on the floor. If he did wake - I would just sit up, change him, and feed him again. This made both of us happier because he was close to me (where he wanted to be) and I wasn't annoyed that I couldn't be in my comfy bed. I prepared for the worst, and wasn't disappointed. We spent a lot of time sleeping together in the living room, Connor and I - and those are the best memories of his infanthood that I remember! Don't worry - there is no such thing as "spoiling" a baby that is that little. Now - a 4 year old in your bed is a different story! =) Cherish these momemnts. Remember - in a couple years you'll go in to check on him when he's sleeping, and remember those memories that you created last night! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to meet the little guy!!!

The Microblogologist said...

You should make a video of him snorting, it sounds adorable!