Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby update

A few more details on the little squawker’s arrival.
Wife woke up to contractions a little after 5am. They were regular and strong.
Around 6, they broke her water.
She got her pain meds about 930 then delivered the baby just before 11.
Wife did a great job!
So far, Squawk is noisy and hungry. Wife wants a nap and he has other plans.

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The Microblogologist said...

He is so cute! If you lived closer I would have been willing to babysit while your wife took a nap. My babies (Niecey 5 and Godson 3) are growing up way too fast and no one is making me new ones, just look what my brat little sister said:

"The" Cheryl says: I make you no babies

So I am forced to live vicariously though blogs, sigh.

I am so glad you are all doing well =)!