Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little Squawker

I don't really recall where I was the first week after Kat was born. She was born on 7/1 and we went home on the 3rd.
I think I spent the first couple of weeks freaking out in the garden shed or pacing in the woods behind the garage. I mean, really, I barely resemble a responsible adult and now I have a daughter?
This time around, I can tell you where I have been since we bought Squawker home. On the couch, holding him.

Last night, while Wife got the bedding ready, I was on the couch. Holding Squawker and occasionally feeding him. I probably held him for a couple of hours, in the bend of my elbow. He snorted alot and wiggled once in a while.
Today, because Wife is a hurting unit (her hips and back are causing her to limp and waddle and make horrible faces), I have been holding Squawker pretty much all day.
This morning, I swaddled him and wrapped him in a blanket and fed him, then burped him and let him nap. Wife showered, pumped, ate, pumped, organized, pumped, napped, pumped and, (because the pressure builds) pumped.
While she did all of that, I took the time to get to know Squawker. He doesn't talk much, but that doesn't stop him from getting his message across. That message is that he wants to be HELD. He wants to feel the rise and fall of a human chest with the thumpy-fump of the heartbeat. He wants to hear the wheeze and snort of a congested parent calmly breathing to soothe and relax him. He wants this attention and security NOW and non-stop.
The only thing I have been able to set him down in is my beanbag chair. I wait til he is asleep, then I put him in the middle and squish both sides of the beanbag to nestle him firmly within. This gives me enough time to grab some carrots and water and take a much needed bio break.

During one of Wife's hot baths (since she has had to forgo the really hot baths for about 10 months now) I suddenly realized that I wasn't sweating profusely, causing a damp feeling on my side and arm, but rather, Squawker could also be called SOAKER as he had peed his way through his diaper, onesie, swaddle wrap and blanket to soak my shirt and pants leg. Gee, what a feeling. I definitely DON'T remember his sister doing that to me. (She did POOP on my once, tho) Then I got to change him for the first time since his briss. OOOWWWW!!!! that looks painful!
After a quick lunch that Wife made, I was back on the couch, reading a book and holding him against my chest/shoulder. I pretty much held him like that until Mom and S/Dad brought the Kat back from G'ma's house.
And THAT bit of drama is another story entirely!
Then I either held or rocked Squawker for the rest of the evening while keeping his big sister from stepping on him.


Jenny said...

Okay - if Jill is walking around winching in pain, why are you the one sitting on the couch holding the baby. ;-) While her hips put themselves back together, it is painful. Again - congrats - and enjoy that holding. The closest I get to that now is if someone is sick or so dead tired, they've had a meltdown and are 2 second from passing out!

The Microblogologist said...

He looks so sweet. I hope Kat adjusts well to having little Squawker around, you'll have to take cute sibling pictures of them together =)!

Mrs4444 said...

What a treasure, huh? So sweet.