Thursday, October 2, 2008

The luxurious massage

As promised, I bought the spa package for Wife. I admit, I did flinch a little bit when they told me how much it would cost. To be pampered at the MGM isn't cheap. And while I AM cheap, pamper the pregnant woman seems like a good strategy. She went off to spa, and I decided to take a nap. Sometime during my sleep, she crawls into bed. It is a little after 2pm. At 3pm we wake up and snuggle.
How was your spa? Did they rub your feet? Did they pamper you? I want really want to know if it was worth it.
She tells me that they rubbed her feet and really worked on her hips which have been aching quite a bit. She tells me that although she couldn’t sit in the hot tub, she wore her robe and dangled her legs in as far as she could. Not getting into the hot tub is hard on Wife, she misses taking long HOT soaking baths.
Then Wife looked at me and told me that the spa was women only and the steam room and hot tub were clothing optional. Wife said that while she wore her robe, a woman came in and tossed her robe and stepped into the hot tub, totally nekkid. Wife tells me that this nekked woman was tan all over, the dark dark brown tan like an antique walnut table, dark brown. The only light spots were the creases on her cheeks and the creases in her pits. And the Walnut brown woman had no hair down there. Wife had never seen that before. Totally smooth. And tan.
I asked Wife how her spa was and have to pull details about the massage from her. What Wife really remembers about her spa was Walnut brown woman and her bald cat. Well. I am glad I treated her to a totally luxurious spa package at the MGM resort. It was supposed to be memorable. I just didn’t expect it to be memorable because of the other guests.


loren said...

There is one good thing... the other guest was a naked WOMAN. At least she's not going on and on about some shaven, bronzed man that strutted in naked!

The Microblogologist said...

I would have kept my robe on too. Like the bronze lady I don't have tan lines either... of course that is because I don't have a tan, lol! Glad she enjoyed herself.