Friday, October 17, 2008

Ick. I got memed

A poo flinging monkey tagged me with a picture meme. Go see the procrastinating perfectionist that tagged me and fling poo at her.
As I understand it, I am supposed to dig into my sixth picture file and pick the sixth picture and explain it.
Then I am supposed to tag six others to do the same. I am not sure I know six bloggers that I can tag with a picture meme, but I can certainly explain the picture below.
Wife and I went to the Bellagio while we were in vegas for the brunch. Which was ok. Not great but certainly ok.
Anyway, afterwards, we wandered around the splendor that makes up the B and found that they have a aboratorium (sp?). While we walked around the plants and saw 499 different versions of MUMS (seriously? MUMS!) I took a picture of a couple in front of a tree with their camera. They wanted to return the favor so they took a picture of Wife and I. Now keep in mind that we had walked from the MGM to the B (90 degrees) and just finished gorging ourselves on the buffet. I WAS going to get my $59 worth of food out of the place. And we were tired and needed a nap. But we stood together and looked ordinary and had our picture taken together by some stranger from Japan. A good thing, really. We need to have momentos of our vacation together.

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