Thursday, October 2, 2008

15 months

I took Kat for 15 month checkup today. In addition to being 98% for height and 50% for weight, she got three shots. My first experience having to hold her down so the nurses could jab her repeatedly. Kat started fussing when the nurse opened up the band aids and stuck then on the table. Kat started wiggling and flailing her arms around. Then when I scooped her up and laid her out on the table, she started whimpering. Then the wicked nurse struck.
Kat looked right into my eyes and screamed. Then cried. Cried so hard her whole head turned red.
All in all, I think I handled it pretty well.
I didn't cry at all.

update - while I was typing this out, Kat stood up under the table and banged her head. She then fell down. Then stood up and banged her head. I shouldn't laugh. I did the same thing until I was in my mid thirties.


Cathy said...

My two year old niece will cry like the dickens when a bug comes within two feet of her. But when she was at the zoo's water park adn slipped and fell and busted her chin open she cried because I scooped her up away from the water and made a dash to the first aid tent (hey i'm not a mother, she was bleeding everywhere and it scared the heck out of me!) once they butterflied it and stuck a huge bandaid on it...she went back to the splash park and was happy for another two hours. scare me :)

The Microblogologist said...

When I visited the homeland (Chicago) last time I tagged along for Niecey's school physical. I held her while she got her shots, she got 4, 2 in each arm, poor kiddie! At least she enjoyed the ice cream we got after =)

Kimmguru said...

Sounds like you handled it least better then The Pepsi Guy! I'm sure she forgot all about you holding her down....or maybe she will eventually forget. You know by the time her wedding rolls around!