Saturday, September 27, 2008

National Lampoon's Laubengayer Vacation - Vegas

We went on vacation a week ago. My fondest memory? Several. Sitting at the pool was rather enjoyable for many different reasons. Relaxing. Warm. Scenery. Relaxing
Wife, however had a goal for vacation that I didn't know about. Sleep!
How much can she SLEEP?
Wife had homework to do while we were in LV. She also had a test waiting for her on Tuesday, when we don’t get back until late Monday. I would go people watching, she would usually stay in the room and ‘study’. I found out on Saturday, that ‘study’ quickly became a code word for SLEEP! Not including sleeping at night, Wife seemed to want to match the amount of time she slept during the day with the amount of studying she did. I don’t think it was even close. She studied for a few hours on Friday. Otherwise she slept for hours on end every other day. The funniest time came on Saturday when I went to the ISU/UNLV game. She said she would study once I left. It turns out she took an hour nap. Then she woke up and studied for a little bit at the desk in the room. Well that wasn't comfortable, her being pregnant and all and sitting in the chair, so she moved all of her books and notes over to the bed and studied propped up on all of the pillows. For a little while. She didn't remember when she fell asleep, but when I got back to the room at midnight, she had only been awake a little while. Good to her word, tho; when I came back to the room, she was studying. She admitted that she hadn't studied more than two full hours in the eight hours since I left.
I plan to blog a little bit each day rather than write a book about the trip. This is the first chapter to National Lampengayers Vegas Vacation.


loren said...

Yay! VEGAS!!!

I don't blame her for sleeping. I was preggers with the girls when I went back to school the FIRST time. I fell asleep every time I opened a textbook. It was clockwork. Book open - snorefest.

dietrich509 said...

Unfortunately the sleep she got in Vegas won't do her any good back here in Iowa as "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".

The Microblogologist said...

I could use a sleeping vacation, sign me up! I hope she was able to do something other than study in the hotel room in her waking hours, it would totally stink if she didn't.