Saturday, March 28, 2009

good morning!

What an awesome morning. I woke up this morning to Kat crawling over me. I was all snuggled into the comforter and when I felt the person crawling into bed, I assumed it was Jill.
Nope. It was a little Kat. And she was awake and wanted to play. Jill crawled in next.
"She was awake and wanted out of her crib so I brought her up here with us" Jill explained.
It was 717 and Kat had gone to sleep at 745 the night before with NO BINKY!
So I started a pillow fight and when that wore off, a game of tickle, tickle.
To hear the delightful cascade of laughter and giggles from Jill and Kat was a priceless treasure and an AWESOME way to wake up in the morning.
A quick game of peek-a-boo under the covers followed with another pillow fight wore me out.
So I tossed Kat out of bed and went to make breakfast for everyone.
Veggie omelets and toast. With milk (or Dew), 6 points.


dietrich509 said...

And then they came to visit the Dietrich's and the day quickly took a turn for the worse...

K'man said...

not true! We had a good time at the Dietrich's.
We will be back in May for another party and some India Pale Ale!

The Microblogologist said...

That sounds like a fantastic way to start the day!