Monday, March 16, 2009

giving me gray hair

I went to MIL yesterday to get some wood because I don't think we are done with cold weather, yet. We had used up all but a bit of wood and by getting more and stocking it, I have made it THAT much less likely that we will get any snow or cold weather.
I took the Kat so that MIL could enjoy spoiling her favorite (that day) granddaughter.

While working on the tractor to take off the snow blade (counter jinx to getting wood - taking off snow blade) Kat wanted to see what we were up to. She was SO annoyed that she couldn't play on the blade until it was OFF the tractor. Once it was off - get out of her way!

After the blade got boring (It just SITS THERE) she continued on her favorite activity on the farm - EXPLORING.

Kat wants to explore everything she can see. No sooner does she spot something than she has to check it out. She keeps MIL and I hopping trying to keep between her and the manure, the mud, the horses, and so on.
When we got to the rolls of barb wire that I made last summer, I knew that she should mostly be ok. While it was rusty, the barbs were dull so it would be harder for them to break her skin. She spent so much time trying to figure out how to unravel those big coils. She tugged and yanked and pulled to no avail. Then you could see the wheels turning. She walked around them a couple of times and decided that she needed to get into the center of the coil to take them apart. I didn't have the heart to tell her that she wasn't right, not to mention that you cannot train a KAT!

She tried repeatedly to step over the coil to get to the center but she didn't quite have the stride (give her time - she will likely have 34" inseams) to step right over. After 3 or 4 attempts she decided to crawl over. She got down on her hands and knees and began the hazardous trek. She got little more than half way before her jeans had become entangled in the wire. After getting some excellent shots of an ensnared Kat, I went over and freed her.

Gramma made it up to her by putting her on the 4-wheeler and running her up and down the lane until her cheeks were as pink as her coat.

When it came time to go home my little Kat was bushed. She was asleep before she crossed the creek.


CDV said...

I remember going to Grandma and Grandpa's farm growing up. It was awesome even though we lived on a farm of our own. Our farm was BORING since it was home. Everyone should have that experience.

dietrich509 said...

I agree.

Michele S said...

Good job on letting the kid crawl around in barb wire! Excellent dude! I've got a saguaro cactus she can learn to scale. That's how we do it in the desert. :)

loren said...

Ooh, Michele gettin' sassy, LOL!

Kevin: the open house is at Stephie's place a couple blocks from my parents' house. It's 1257 14th Ave. 9:30-12:30, but we'll be there for a few hours after. Call Steph's cell or mom's number if you need directions! :)

K'man said...

Michele, My Kat would love to climb your cigar cactus. She will climb anything.

Brenton said...

At least you still have hair!