Sunday, January 27, 2008

post a long time coming

I got some advice tonight on raising girls. And this is from a woman that grew up as a girl. "Don't cut the bangs"
What? Why? Are you nuts? Why? "it is just easier. Keep the hair outta her face and let the bangs grow"
OK.(shrugs) As long as momma doesn't object, I don't feel an overwhelming need to cut her hair.

Gma Sandy was over tonight. I missed it because I had an afterwork teambuilding excersize. Jill tells me that our little Kat is into giggling now. I have noticed this week as I have awaken her and changed her and dressed her that everything is a big joke. Pull open her sleeper and she giggles. lightly paddle her bottom while she pulls her feet in the air and she smiles at me.
You can see from the pictures above, she has a cute smile.
Last night, Kat went to a BBall game. The bird that took her, Robin, tells us that she doesn't like applause. But she does like people. She won many hearts last night with her shy smile and cute laugh.
Even as Jill makes banana nut blueberry bread, little Kat finds things to laugh about.

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ƒåυνέ said...

Totally agree with the advice on bangs.

And just start buying glitter and stickers now. It will save you time and money later.