Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Carpooling adjustments

Some of you may have heard that I wrecked my truck. This is simply not so. I was merely driving it when it went into the ditch. I assure you, I did not drive it into said ditch. I was just a passenger to its whims. As was the Kat. And no, it wasn't in 4Wheel Drive at the time.

That being settled, Jill and I are working VERY hard to get along with only one car. (No, I didn't have that rider policy on my insurance that pays for a rental. Yes, I do now.) Part of the pain of car pooling is that Jill has 15 hours of class each week and is trying to make up all of that time. So she wants to be at work by 7am to accomplish her goal. This means that she has to wake up earlier in the morning than she prefers. She isn't a morning person that bounds enthusiastically out of bed. Come to think of it, I pretty much have to turn on the lights and steal all of the covers (and pinch her hiney as a last resort) to get her moving in the morning. I have known since the week we got married that she isn't a morning person. That is OK. I am.

However, since we are trying to get out of the house early, Kat has to be wakened earlier than she is used to. At about 6am, I turn on the lights, pull back the covers, and flip her over to give her bottle to her.

And I laugh. The confused, bewildered look that she gives the world in general is so cute. "Why would you do this to me?" she seems to ask of me. "What were you thinking? What kind of imbecile are you?" she appears to accuse of me with her face scrunched up and scowley. Then I shake her bottle to get her attention and her eyes pop wide open. She would recognize that sound in the middle of a tornado. She reaches for the bottle, "You aren't forgiven, but this makes it a little bit more bearable." she seems to say. "Don't let it happen again." as she sucks down her breakfast.

I notice another parallel between Kat and her mother. Not only is Jill not a morning person, but I get TONS of extra points if I have an ice cold Mt.Dew waiting for her when she comes out of her scalding shower. After preparing Kat's bottle and my cereal, I will take a fresh can upstairs and put it on her vanity so she will see it right after toweling and putting on her glasses. Before she takes another step I will hear that distinctive sound of a can of pop being opened. Kat gets the bottle, Jill gets the Dew, I get forgiven for one more day.

PS. I fed Kat beans tonight and was the most successful I have been so far. She ate about 1/2 a container!

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