Saturday, September 25, 2010

We have lost our minds

It is official. Parenting by poor decisions.

Wife and I really like dogs. If you read far enough back in this blog, you will note that we had a really cool dog. Tough, Territorial, boss of all she could see (except me).

When she started attacking people, we couldn't keep her.

So we have been 21 months without a dog.

We couldn't stand it any longer so we started doing research. What is a good dog that is really good with children. Wife narrowed it down to 11 possible options.

This dog wasn't on the list, but was available and CUTE.

So we brought him home.

Maximillan, the Brittany Spaniel.

I think he is a keeper, but it does not matter what I think.

The Girl KNOWS he is a keeper!

Now we have another boy to potty train. and literally, as I typed that, he pooped on the kitchen floor, with Girl scolding, "NO! NO!"
What were we thinking?

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SurprisedMom said...

What is it with parents and children and animals and parents losing their minds? Five years ago "Santa" (aka The Mister) told The Youngest that yes, she could pick out a cat at the pound. New Year's Day the four of us (The Oldest and I tagged along) took off for the city pound and walked out with said cat AND A DOG! What in God's green earth were we thinking? The cat, nine at the time, bit The Youngest as soon as he was out of his carrier. Then he hid behind the Christmas tree. The dog, only one at the time, had accidents and shook for about a week. He was scared. Finally we all settled down. My sister laughed her backside off when I told her what I had done. I knew why.

All these years later, almost six, the cat chose The Mister and I as his pets and the dog, well he still has issues.

Good luck. Once Girl decided your dog was a keeper, there's no getting rid of the dog.