Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Boys first haircut

A week ago I took the boy to (wo)menards.

As I pushed him around in the cart, encouraging him to pick out hammer, pliers, level, square, and duct tape, a lady approached us and said, "oh, what a pretty little girl!"

I was mortified.

Kyle flirted with her.

So I told Wife, it is time. Those curls have got to go. And go they did.

I don't think he was totally in agreement, tho. Just before he got into the chair, he filled his diaper, and how!

Jenny was so good, she distracted him and cut. Talked to him and snipped. Distracted some more and combed and cut.

In a brief 20 minutes, she had clipped over 2" of beautiful locks off of his head.

Now he looks like a proper little man.

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Mrs4444 said...

Yikes. I hope you gave her a good tip!haha