Monday, June 15, 2009

Where did the time go?

Friday night, (WO)Menards buying tomato cage supplies. Then 2 hours in the garage cutting the ingredients for cages. Every year we try something new with the garden. This year it is tomato cage experiments.
Saturday I went to the chiro, stopped by an awesome fundraising garage sale where I bought a golf bag (score) then got into the garden, to make the cages. 50 of them. That is right, we have 50 tomato plants. But they are not all the same type of tomato, cuz that would be… extreme or something.
Eight hours later, I have the cages together and up, Jill went and got mulch, so we have the tomatoes covered. First with weed barrier fabric, then with the mulch. Then netting over the whole thing for the tomatoes to cling to.
Today, I laid fabric on the peppers (76 plants) and mulched them. Then dug up a 6’ apple tree that Jill had mowed over (different post – she is amazing on that Deere) and replaced it with a peach tree.
We laid out nearly one and a half yards of mulch in the garden.
As I type it out, it doesn’t seem like much.
Why am I so tired?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps because a yard of much is not a length on a yardstick. :)

surprised mom said...

It might not have seemed a lot to you when you typed it out, but it exhausted me reading it. Good for you for getting so much accomplished! Will you be sharing your tomatoes? You'll probably have some left over having 50 plants.

dietrich509 said...

My garden isn't as big as yours, but instead of barrier fabric I get cardboard free from the grocery store and lay that down and put mulch over top. It's cheaper and is biodegradable.