Sunday, June 7, 2009

Water sports

Last weekend, Kat and Kyle were invited to a friends house for a play date. Jill was excited about the idea and packed a bag for me to take them away so that she could garden.
The play date was AWESOME! Kat got to meet (and flirt) with two of the nicest young men she has ever met. They had a pool. The older one was very friendly and wanted to show how good of a swimmer he was. He even fetched the ball and ice fish that Kat threw out. And he showed everyone how good he was on the slip and slide.
These people had ALL the fun accessories. She had SO MUCH FUN! Huge Thanks to Connor and Tyler for a great time.
Now, fast forward to Sunday. Dad went to the farm and fenced. ALL DAY. So Jill had the kids at home. It seems Kyle was well behaved, but Kat...
She wanted to play in the water again. After all, it is Sunday and last Sunday she got to play in the water. So Jill gave her a garden hose and told her to amuse herself. Well, since she didn't have her own slip and slide, she soaked a garden row and then played 'otter' where she slid on her belly in the slippy slimy MUD!
These pictures clearly show the difference between the towns folk water toys and the country bumpkins amusements. The thing is, I bet Connor and Tyler would have LOVED to join Kat in playing 'otter' in the mud, sliding this way and that!


surprised mom said...

I think Kat wears the "Mud" look very well. And from the photos she looked like she had more fun with her "country bumpkins amusements" playing "otter" in the mud. I think most kids would, if they had the choice, would have joined Kat in the mud. Mud and kids seem to go together! Besides, mud is just dirt and washes easily off of kids and clothes. What was Jill's reaction when she saw Kat after her mud slide?

Anonymous said...

Jill was busy working in the garden and watched Kat from a safe distance to make sure she wasn't in danger. When Kat got bored, Jill took her in and changed her in the tub.
I would have hosed her down outside, even if the well water is cold.

Mrs4444 said...

That is AWESOME. LOVE it! Your wife's a peach :)