Sunday, December 14, 2008

hard days work

Last Sunday my MIL worked me like a hired hand. Today I worked me like a hired butcher. Since about 9 am I have been cutting up the two deer that I shot last weekend. And canning them. So far I have 40 pounds cut and put in jars and before I go to bed, I will have 24 jars canned. Sitting/Standing at a table all day with fillet knives pulling out stray hair, cutting out fat and sinew and cubing the meat for canning. All day long. With the stench of blood and meat up to my wrists. I bet I stink at work Monday.
Still, I will enjoy the convenience of being able to pop open a jar and have wonderful tasting roast for the rest of the year.
And I just realized I haven't done my ironing for the week.

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dietrich509 said...

I'm jealous, I would much rather be working on domestic tasks than how I spent my weekend: start the annual report and begin piecing together next year's budget. If I somehow survive this week, I start 3 weeks of vacation in Texas.