Saturday, December 6, 2008

Deer Season - Happy Holidays!!

Today has been an outstanding day.
Jill woke me up at o'Dark:05 so that I could get ready to go hunting today. I got ready, warmed up the truck and put Kat in so that I could meet the guys at the truck stop.
We made our way to the MIL farm where we saw a trio of deer as we pulled into the lane. This was a good omen for the day to come.
While we geared up we discussed who would go sit where. Bill wanted to go back and chase the first three while Ben and I decided to go sit on the bluffs and wait for the unsuspecting helpless corn crop destroying pests to walk by so that we could quickly and painlessly harvest them.
Well, two out of three isn't bad. Bill got his deer after about 30 minutes. I got my deer after about an hour. Ben got cold.
After we dressed our deer, we put Ben in the spot I had been all morning. After another hour we went back into town to get brunch and talk strategy. We decided to put Ben and his hand cannon in my favorite spot while Bill and I walked the perimeter of the farm to gently encourage the deer to move around and hopefully wander within range of S&W .460.
Alas, it was not to be. While Bill was walking he reluctantly harvested another buck. I reluctantly harvest another doe. Ben reluctantly got colder.
Ben did see a small doe that he could have harvested. However, since he has a dog a home that looks bigger than the deer that walked by he decided to let it grow some more. The hunting version of 'catch and release'.
During the hunting breaks the three of us shared some laughs and told some stories. The sun was shining for the afternoon and the farm was as beautiful as it has ever been. There were alot more deer seen than shot so it appears there is a healthy population on the farm. All in all, a wonderful day with some great memories made to share.*
Now it is evening, I have filled all of my tags for this season and I am exhausted. I will have a celebration drink, smoke my cigar in the garage, take a LONG hot bath and pass out for the night.
I wish all of you a wonderful weekend as well.
*No dogs or horses were injured during the making of these memories.


Jenny said...

AWESOME!!!! Mr. Stanfield will be jealous to know you have filled your tags already. Next weekend will be interesting for us I'm sure!

Got any pix of the deer? You should post those. Remember - you have readers from all over the world, and to see a picture of you skinning your deer might just scar them for life. =)

Catherine said...

Ahh my husband and son would be very jelous. They went deer hunting for six days and they only saw two...and they were on the highway..and couldnt shoot...bad day for them :)

loren said...

What a combination... hunting like a manly man and then taking a hot bath like a girly girl. Glad to hear you killed some animals :)

The Microblogologist said...

When I was a Chicagoan I thought deer were adorable. Then I moved to Iowa, rented a garden plot, and planted sweet corn. Deer are no longer adorable, you and your buddies should do your pubic service in my town too!