Sunday, August 7, 2011

The baby bed

Who knew it would be so hard to take down?

A close friend of Mom offered us a twin bed if we would take it out of her house before her next open house (she is trying to sell her house). So we loaded up the kids and went to get it. Kat was over the moon with excitement... I don't know who said anything to her but she KNEW it was for her! Her BIG GIRL BED! Kat was all about getting rid of the little girl bed so she had NO problem giving it to Kyle.

In order for Kyle to get a new bed, we had to get rid of the baby bed that he had been climbing out of for a month. NBD, right?

I pulled the bed out so I could get to all of the screws and bolts and Wife came in, saw what I was doing and choked up. "He's not a baby anymore." That caused me to choke up because it hit me. My little snuggler, my little guy is growing so fast. No more can he be the little baby. He has given us a roller coaster of a year this year and while he almost didn't grow any bigger, he is. He is growing up and we don't have any little babies at home any more.

Wife looked at me across the bed with a tear on her cheek and said, "maybe we should have another one so we can have an adorable little baby at home." THAT gave me pause. While I miss the idea of having a little one at home I am not looking for another little one to expand our family. While I might have a hard time with my little boy growing up, I am not planning on having kids every two years to keep that loving feeling in my heart.

Then I took apart the bed.

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SurprisedMom said...

I know how your wife is feeling. I felt the same way when I took apart the crib and hauled it to the basement. Both girls were in twin beds and neither were babies anymore. I cried, too. (And it only took me three years to get it out of the basement to the garbage.) My husband felt like you. He missed having a baby, but didn't want to expand the family. I wanted to have another one, but I have to say I'm very happy with my girls. It all worked out.