Monday, August 2, 2010

Nephew turned FOUR

Wife and I have several dozen nephews to keep track of. At last count, right around six or so. Dozen.

At least that is how it sounds when any two of them are in the same room and gramma is feeding them some form of refined sugar because, "I don't have to take them home"

Anyway. At Nephew's birthday party, the Boy got a small piece of cake that was more frosting than actual cake.
He started slowly, trying to figure out exactly what type of food this was. Once he got a taste of that goodness there was NO stopping him.

He picked up handfulls of cake and frosting and proceded to lick and nibble every little bit off of his fingers then out of his palm. He went back to the plate for every last little bit of that sweet goodness and when it was gone, he was overwhelmed.

We don't give him refined sugar often but it was very fun to watch him to get caught up in the moment.


SurprisedMom said...

Refined sugar and children are a heck of a combination, but you're right, it can lead to some fun moments. Happy Birthday to your nephew!

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