Saturday, May 8, 2010

Simple Saturday

Here we are on Saturday morning... Not much going on. I woke up at 5am like someone flipped on a switch.
Rather than wake up anyone else, I went out to the garage to work on my motorcycle. When I started getting the bike ready for riding, I discovered that the mice had crawled into the air box and chewed through the air filter and nested in the intake tubes. So I ordered a new filter a few days ago and installed it this morning, after cleaning out an incredible amount of mouse crap. Then I hear the weather forecast while I am working and find that it is supposed to get UP to 50F today and down to 28 tonight. Happy mother's day! I don't think I will be taking the bike out for a spin today.
I am the president of a social club where the primary activity is to get together and try and find Templeton Rye Whiskey. It is made in Iowa and is usually hard to find. Yesterday an impromptu meeting was held in my office at 330. People just showed up, came in and sat down. We wondered if anyone had any Rye left. We started calling around and I think we found and bought the last 5 bottles in CR.
I got a text at 930 last night from one of the guys, "This stuff is so good, it is worth driving all around to find it". Happy for you Carl, I really am.
I am noticing that the kids personalities are starting to show up. Well, Kat's has been evident for a while. She is all GIRL! Ribbons, bows, pink and purple. She wants to look PRETTY! And she isn't afraid of a bit of DRAMA to try and get her way.
The boy on the other hand is a pretty simple guy. He is pretty direct when he wants attention, he comes up to right in front of you and stops with his arms out. He is also very determined. When his sister is doing something that looks interesting, he goes right up to her and tries to push his way in. We hear a lot of "NO! Go AWAY" from his sister. Neither one is really big on sharing, but they are both pretty good at TAKING.
I have been making a determined effort to leave work at work and spend my evenings playing with one or the other, in between things like laundry and supper. They really are growing so fast and changing every day. They do sometimes get on my last nerve, but then they smile and want a hug and it is hard to be annoyed. I guess I am teaching them how to push my buttons.
Well the boy is awake and wants breakfast, I hear him laughing and giggling from his crib. I better go get him before wife tells me to.


loren said...

I still have a hard time wrapping my head around how old your kids are already.

(And do you guys really call yourselves a social club? LOL! I think I might have to start a social club: our main objective will be Who can bring me beer the fastest?)

Enjoy Betty tonight! Wow, that sounds bad.

SurprisedMom said...

I have two girls. Expect the drama to continue for quite some time! :)

It sounds like your social club is a lot like my "sisters' night out." Since we're related we don't have to form a club. . .

It sounds like your weather is very similiar to ours. I attended a communion party today. The kids didn't seem to mind the cold, wind and occasional rain. The adults were shivering.

Have a great weekend!