Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You're a turkey, I'm a turkey!

I stayed home today to work on a couple of projects around the house today. I worked outside most all day. One of the times I headed into the house, I happened to look out over the back yard and, for the second day in a row, saw a flock of wild turkeys.

Because I scared them by stalking them like papparazzi, I got treated to a sight of 10-15 pound birds trying to launch themselves into the air.

These guys could have used some sort of JATO pack.


surprised mom said...

Wild turkeys? Wow! It must have been hysterical seeing them trying to launch themselves into the air. We don't have wild turkeys around here. (Ok, maybe the people kind, but not the fowl kind.) But, we do have wild geese, flocks and flocks and flocks of wild geese. I wonder if wild turkeys are as mean as wild geese?

dietrich509 said...

The part left unsaid was where you rushed out to get your spring turkey hunting license.