Tuesday, February 2, 2010

family observations

So how many wipes is it supposed to take to change a stinky diaper? I think my expectation in the beginning was two. Because, really, I use two when I have to wipe. Isn't it reasonable to expect the same of my kids?
Apparently, not.
But I got used to changing Kat. Four wipes and we were done.
The boy? Who knows?! With all of the extra equipment to wipe around, who knows how long we will be there.
I swear, he works at making poo difficult.

The kids were having a moment tonight. Both of them were screaming and waving and having fits.
I tried reasoning with them and they would have none of it.
After what seemed like HOURS but was more likely only one hour or so (maybe a full minute), I shut off my hearing aids and let them work it out for themselves.
Not bad, I should have tried that earlier.

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dietrich509 said...

My philosophy is never cut corners when it comes to decontamination...use as many wipes as necessary.