Thursday, July 17, 2008

cake decorating

By the way, I just looked at my post from yesterday (posted at the best western while waiting for a seminar to start because we STILL don't have 'net at home) and realized that 1)that is the ugliest frosting job I have ever seen/done to a cake and 2) I better make sure everyone knows that I did it and not Wife or Mom or MIL or SIL or anyone else. I hope I don't lose my day job 'cuz I will starve to death as a cake decorator.


Jenny said...

You may not be the best cake decorator yet, but it's all about the traditions you start with your kids. I think it's awesome that you are starting this one - Kat will remember that you made her cake for the rest of her life!

loren said...

Yeah, I don't think you're going to win any awards with that one, sorry to say!

Don't worry, though. Ask my mom about my "mauvelous" cake and my have-burnt Christmas tree cake that was LATE, by the way. I'm sure she'll love to rehash those family gems for you!

loren said...

Ummm, supposed to say "half." I'm too durnk to type rite.